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Understanding the Art of Appearing Friendly

Updated: May 4, 2022

It's important for companies to have a friendly customer service department. If customers feel like they are being treated poorly by the company, then they are likely to find other places to spend their money.

There are a few ways that businesses can ensure that their customer service staff is friendlier than ever before. They can train employees on how to be more personable and kind, or they can try setting up different tools for their staff to use in order to communicate with the customers on their website.

Introduction to the Topic

It is a common misconception that being friendly and kind is the same thing. Being friendly is often mistaken for being kind because they are generally the same in a social setting. However, when it comes to customer service, there are different levels of friendliness that can be applied.

The first level of friendliness is asking if they need help and then giving them all the options available to them. The second level of friendliness would be recognized if they need help with an issue and then resolving it for them without any prompting from them at all. At this point, you will have built trust with the customer which will lead to a higher conversion rate on your website or in-store location.

What are some positive things that make people instantly dislike you?

People can dislike someone instantly for a myriad of reasons: they are too self-centred, their voice is grating, they have a terrible sense of humour. But what makes people instantly like you? The answer is simple - be kind, be helpful, and do your best to make the person feel comfortable.

Today's society is so fast-paced that people don't take the time to get to know each other anymore. You might not even know what their name is or how they pronounce it correctly before you've already rejected them. We need to start taking more time with people we meet and stop automatically judging them off the bat just because we don't bring up similar interests or enjoy the same movies. It takes patience and compassion to build relationships nowadays but it's worth it when you find people.

I am not sure about you, but I have had my fair share of people disliking me for some reason or the other.

Here are some things that can make people instantly dislike you:

- You are condescending.

- You are a negative person.

- You act like a know it all.

- You interrupt others and talk over them to get your point across.

- You judge others and have no empathy.

- You are controlling and try to manipulate others into doing what you want them to do.

How to Gain People's Trust and Make Them Like You Instantly

The best one is to be honest with them. Trust is a powerful thing, and if you are honest with someone and show your true self, they will be more likely to like you.

Honesty is an important factor when it comes to gaining people's trust. Honesty can help people see that you are genuine and that you have something good to offer them. If they can't connect with you on a personal level, then they won't feel comfortable trusting you or liking who you are as a person.

It is not easy to gain trust from people. You have to earn it and that takes a lot of time, effort and luck. But there is one thing you can do now that will help you on your way to gaining people's trust: making them feel good about themselves.

There are many ways you can make someone feel good about themselves. One fun idea is to complement their clothes, hair, or anything else about them that they like. You don't even have to be sincere as long as they think you are being genuine with them! They will appreciate the sincerity and will feel better about themselves, which in turn helps people like them more!

1. Smile when you meet people, shake hands firmly

Meetings make a huge difference in the way you are viewed by your colleagues. People often fear smiling at strangers, so they initiate small talk with them or make an excuse to quickly leave. The simple act of smiling can have long-term effects on not only your mood, but the people around you. It can be an instant mood booster or a simple gesture of kindness that can create a lasting positive impact on someone's life.

A warm smile can be enough to get someone’s attention.

A warm smile can go a long way and greet your colleagues with enthusiasm. The next time you meet someone, try giving them a handshake as well. Weaker handshakes convey insecurity and a lack of confidence which is not the impression you want to create. You want to convey that you are confident and comfortable around other people, not retreating away from them like they are threats or enemies.

The final step in the process is making eye contact with your colleague right after shaking their hand - this makes sure that they know that they have your attention.

2. Ensure your voice is energetic and bright

Many people don't know the rules of good vocalization. They might not be able to enunciate words correctly or speak too softly. These factors can have a negative effect on someone's tone. The tone should always be energetic and bright, you need to speak clearly in an unhurried tone and never mumble words together. Also, avoid speaking so fast that it is difficult for others to understand what you are saying and never talk so softly that your voice is difficult for others to hear.

Stay away from slang terms keep your sentences short and simple. Be courteous to all those around you. Avoid interrupting others or getting distracted. When they are talking listen carefully to what the person has said. Before you speak nod your head occasionally while listening.

A majority of people want to be entertained in their lives. They want to feel happy and fulfilled. That's why it is important to stay positive. People can hear your mood through your voice, they can see it in your facial expressions and body language.

3. Stay fully engaged in the conversation

Look someone in the eye while they talk. We are social creatures. We need to connect emotionally with one another in order to feel fulfilled. A study found that people who interacted face-to-face felt more positively towards others than those who interacted via a computer simulation. The study also found that those who faced their conversation partners and looked them in the eye had a better connection than those who did not.

Last words

Choosing to be more positive starts with you. You don't have to like everyone and they don't have to like you. But it's healthy to keep trying your best and stay polite with people around you. It will get easier with time, just remember that. Trying your best to stay positive doesn't just affect yourself, it affects those around you too.

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