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It's actually easy to get unstuck if someone shows you how. Your business is unique, your needs are unique. You'll need a specific strategy to get the results you want. We'd be honoured to create that for you!

We are NOT an agency. We partner with our clients. If you're looking to grow your business the right way then you're in the right place.

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Ramona Khodakarami

Strategy Consultant & Mentor



Rana is very professional and nice to communicate with. I think I met the right person. She is the one that I always want to work with. Highly recommended!

Jessie Guo

Client Review

There is one line in particular that holds within it incredible wisdom: "Fear is a sign"

If we can remember that in the moment of experiencing it, we can choose what to make that sign mean.

Ramona lives what she speaks. If you get the opportunity to be mentored by her; take it!

David Saville


Thank you for the quick turnaround, very well-executed. Your work hit all the points we needed. Thank you!

Edward Avedis

Client Review

haha, very good at selling, she sold me :-) It was a great conversation, and Rana gave me some tips I could implement immediately. Her spirit is amazing.

Tineke Rensen

Client Review

I'm so glad that we found Rana! She delivered everything perfectly in an extremely professional way. Rana even went above and beyond to help our small business by providing extra solutions and tips. We really appreciate it. We would definitely come back to her and have more collaborations with Rana. Highly recommend!

Amanda J. Brand

Client Review

I was so nervous and confused on how to go about marketing my services and this was so helpful! I left with so many ideas and much more confidence!

Jessa Krissovich

Client Review

It was refreshing to feel as though someone understands what I'm trying to do and actually have the answers to the questions I have. Rana is patient and kind. She has so much knowledge when it comes to marketing. Just a joy to work with. Thank you for taking the time to share a wealth of information with me. I’m excited to get started building my business and helping lots of people! You went above and beyond and I look forward to working with you again soon!

Connie Wesley

Client Review

Working With Rana has been one of the best decisions I have made for my business. She is very knowledgeable and shows an incredible attitude towards solving difficult tasks. I was very indecisive throughout the process and she dealt with it so well and worked with me through every step to develop an amazing content plan for my business. She is highly knowledgeable, very organised and committed to the challenge. Her competitor analysis along with in-depth research has left me amazed. I am extremely happy with her quality of work and will confidently and highly recommend her. I highly recommend her services. I will be using her services for the years to come. You will not find an individual that prioritizes quality like Rana.

Raul Zahedi

Client Review

I purchased sales coaching call with Ramona & the results were far better than I could have anticipated. I had a very busy schedule and she was very helpful on adjusting her schedule to ensure it works for me while demonstrating extreme patience and understanding throughout the entire process. She helped me finalize and clear up all holes in my sales process & even sent over additional notes from our call (really amazing). I will be purchasing more calls on a continuous basis as a check in because I understand her value. Thanks again!

Dagen Davis

Client Review

Excellent & high ability to adapt quickly into your business to support. Excellent understanding of current business situation & how to build a deliverable strategic actions to meet & achieve the goal.

Mohd Al Maslamani

Client Review

Really Great working with Rana. Very positive lady and helps to simplify my thought process on how to improve sales. I am looking forward to doing my homework and following up with her.