What If You Could Reset Your Business in 27 Days or Less?

Sometimes the journey goes on longer than we expect, takes unexpected twists and turns, and then you came to the point where you can't hold this weight anymore. You want to see results and growth that your business can generate.

Discover Techniques to  Business Growth that Bring Results

The world of business is changing. If you want to stay competitive, you need to develop new skillsets and a business development strategy to stay on top of the new requirements.

7needs business strategy
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​"7NEEDS is one of the best firms we've worked with. We're located in Los Angeles, the long-distance doesn't affect us. They provided a very clear and custom business strategy by far. Great communication, very in-depth, with an overview of everything.  I strongly recommend 7NEEDS for any brand that needs an excellent business strategy."

Jessie Guo, 

Founder of JCCA Productions

Not sure where to start?

Learn the skills you do & don't have as a Leader. Be in charge of your business's results & communication.

I need more skills to lead my team.


Figure out where your business will go in the next 3 years by getting clear on your goal.

I need clarity on business direction.

Let’s match you with the right tools & resources that will help to bring your brilliant ideas to fruition.

I want to grow with a business strategy.

Are you focused on creating lifelong customers, not just quick sales?

I want to connect with customers.

Skills to Lead eBook for free to improve your leadership skills for business growth PDF

Skills to Lead

When it comes to being successful in life and business, it is important to have good leadership skills. How do they connect to business growth?

  • Leadership skills are important for success in business.

  • Without good leadership, the company or organization would not be successful.

  • Good leaders make wise decisions which helps to grow the company.

Businesses with Leaders see 30x the result in everything they do.

Leadership Development

At the core of every business, there is a leader. We make it easier for you to accomplish even more.

Strategic Planning

What good is a plan that doesn't happen? We are the engine fueling that plan to make it happen!

Strategy Implementation

How do you take action without knowing the next step? We take out the complexity from your strategic planning.

Customers for Life

Convey your message that creates enduring relationships with the right leadership, strategy and implementation.

Increase success rate on an offer or sale. 📈

Reduce the risk of the cost and resources wasted on selecting 👎 services.

Lower expenses 💸 by generating new leads for your business.

Save 🕐 for your sales team by not having to manually connect with potential clients.

Gain access to more people with a single call or 📧.

Get started on projects quicker by using pre-planned strategies. 🌱

Expand your reach by closing deals & opportunities that you would not have otherwise been able to do. 🏆

Limit uncertainty & risk by tracking progress more effectively. 📊

tailored business strategy can benefit your business in a number of ways:
What Drives the Need for Growth in Business?

Every business has a different strategy and is trying to find the right path for growth. There are many factors that drive the need for growth in businesses. One of them is market trends – they can be both internal and external. Another factor is competition – it can be either direct or indirect.

Why Business Strategy Needs Leadership Skills to Get the Best Result?

When it comes to business strategy, it is essential to have skilled leaders in your company. From the financial strategies of a company to their branding, leadership skills are key in what makes a business successful. You can download our free eBook that talks about the role of leadership skills in strategy, why they are crucial, and how they can impact your future.

Growth is one of the most important factors for the success and longevity of a company. A key factor in achieving business objectives and meeting customer needs. Many businesses fail to grow because they don't have a business strategy.


When companies are not growing, they are not innovating, and they are not adapting to the market changes. The return on investment is worth it if you're able to take your company's future success into consideration.

Why Business Growth is Important for Your Company's Future Success?

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Ramona is amazing.

She has a brilliant mind. She is a professional consultant and knows what she is talking about. She is also efficient and very responsive. I love someone who gets back to me in a timely manner. Add her charming personality to the package and you have got a winner.

Amanda J. Brand

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