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​"7NEEDS is one of the best firms we've worked with. We're located in Los Angeles, the long-distance doesn't affect us. They provided a very clear and custom business strategy by far. Great communication, very in-depth, with an overview of everything.  I strongly recommend 7NEEDS for any brand that needs an excellent business strategy."

7needs testimonial

Jessie Guo, 

Founder of JCCA Productions

For the Modern Entrepreneur

We get it. Sometimes the journey goes on longer than we expect. Takes unexpected twists and turns. Then you came to the point where you can't hold this weight anymore. That's why you are one step ahead. You identified what you don't want anymore.

You already realized that you need a path that will help you out. That’s why you are here. The entrepreneurial journey does not have to be lonely with the company of sleepless nights and worries. You want to see the results that your enterprise can generate. The further you read into this website, it becomes apparent how our business development strategy gets results.

business scaling strategy


You're wondering how your competitors get more from the same market: the traffic that's currently surfing the internet, more income, more clients, more success and better results.

Your mind goes like a wire: Where are my customers, the sale, the quality leads? Should I build a blog or a podcast? Should I start video marketing? Should I start posting more often on social media? Should I rebuild my website into a funnel? How about automation, chatbots and my personal brand?


You just can't see your destination through the rain cloud that's casting a grey shadow over your world.

Open up Opportunities Through a Business Scaling Strategy

Reset your business in 120 days and apply a business scaling strategy to grow your company from concept to cash flow. ​ Entrepreneurs, like you, already know that the right resources for a major collection of industry secrets are used by experts.

Learn the skills you do & don't have as a Leader. Be in charge of your business's results & communication.

I need more skills to lead my team.